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On This Day in History

The November Fourth Project

the what now?: On November 4th, Americans have the opportunity to elect the first African-American man to the office of President of the United States. It's a historic occasion. The November 4th Project is about community - where were you on November 4th, 2008, as history was made? What did you see? Whom did you celebrate and vote with? We want to record it!

Take a photo, and upload it to your LJ scrapbook, Photobucket, Flickr, or some other photo sharing site, then share the image at novemberfourth.

who can participate?: Anyone! What happens in the US on November 4th is bigger than America alone - people around the world will be watching the news, holding their own parties, wearing their own pins and buttons and t-shirts in support. Wherever you are, take a photo of what you see - make a sign, hold a gathering, gather your friends, vote vote vote!

when can we post?: Anytime after midnight, November 4th, ET.

how long can we post?: Ideally posts will be up by November 5th, but we're not going to make that a hard and fast rule!


1. No hotlinking!

2. No flaming or personality-bashing. Any such posts or comments will immediately be deleted.

3. Only ONE PHOTOGRAPH outside an lj-cut. You can link as many images as you want in any given post, but please put all but one behind a cut.

4. Please no links to news photography from professional sources (unless you, yourself, are the person who took that photo) - there are lots of sites that will be gathering those images; this is about us.

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