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Lincoln, NE

Most of the state went red, but our little county said "YES, WE DID!" all the way to the steps of our state capitol.

Chicago, IL

Yeah, I was there. Three pictures:

Grant Park and Congress Avenue...Collapse )

I will be telling my grandchildren about this, someday.

his speech gave me goosebumps.

Today's Front Pages Around The World.

[I got confused when I clicked on the Australian ones and they were talking about the Melbourne Cup before I realised that our Obama headlines are today - the 6th Nov here. *facepalms*]

The Australian and The West AustralianCollapse )

I'd have posted photos of the actual front pages rather than screen caps of the websites but I don't have my camera with me at the moment.


Election Night in Grant Park

Sorry that this is Late everyone, but I have been mostly Dead all Day.

This is what Democracy Looks LikeCollapse )

The Newark Star-Ledger

I've got three: one for keeping, one for framing, and one for reading :)

Yay, Virginia!

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I've never been so happy to live in Virginia. :)